[Imports] addressmerge 0.1 release

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Dec 9 09:36:37 UTC 2012

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on addressmerge, a tool to
post-process address data by comparing it with existing OSM data. I have
pushed release 0.1 to https://github.com/pnorman/addressmerge

Currently it will take a file in importable .osm format, compare it with
existing OSM data in an imposm database and create a resulting importable
.osm file with address nodes that duplicate existing data removed.

It will correctly handle addresses on building ways, multipolygons and
anything else in the OSM data. It does not currently handle addresses on
objects other than nodes in the import data.


An imposm database

It relies on imposm.parser which breaks on some XML files. To fix this try
running xmllint --format original.osm > reformatted.osm

It omits any ways or relations in the input file, relevant or not.

The documentation is currently very minimal.

I intend to make it handle other common address formats aside from addresses
is a decent amount more complicated.

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