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Has anyone used any systems that would enable what I'm hearing Pekka yearn for: document advancement of (pieces of) data imports in a robust / systemic way?

I can only think of 
- wiki listings (not robust) and 
- HOT tasking server (possibly suitable?).

What I'd love to get from/for the Finnish Open geo data is the raw data in smaller chunks (especially for areas that I know), wms/tms (whatever the difference between these is..) layers of the raster data _and_ especially a wms/tms layer of the high-def Finnish imagery (10/15/whatever cm it is).

I remember discussing with Someone at HOT that the tasking server could be suitable for keeping tabs on development of imports (be it raw/vector data or raster). After all, it's being used for tracking the development of tracing imagery.
Kate, Mikel, Nicolas, Seb, Robert, someone?

In Haiti there are still many areas (especially up north) where we (as in: Someone) haven't imported much or at some places even nearly much any data available from the 1:50k topomaps. 


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Very good point. Honestly, I don't know if Finnish OSM community is big
enough. At least we need to discuss about this. 

I think we can't import all NLS's data to OSM. But at least something. And
I'd like to do it practical, organized and documented way. Unless we're
situation as we're currently with Corine Land Cover data in Finland (please,
don't look Finnish forestry coverage ;-)



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On Mon, 23 Jan 2012 13:24:32 +0200
"Pekka Sarkola" <Pekka.Sarkola at poscon.fi> wrote:
> I have several times discussed with NLS people about data license and 
> OSM data license (old and new). It is obvious that we can import NLS 
> data sets to be part of OSM.

We cannot import all data in the world that is legally possible to import.
Is there reason to believe that the community will benefit from such an
import? We should not repeat past mistakes where tons and tons of data have
been imported just to make the map look nice, and now there's nobody to care
for it. Is the community in Finland large enough to maintain the data once
it is imported?


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