[Imports] EEA:Nationally designated areas import

Jan Kučera kozuch82 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 09:30:05 UTC 2012

Hi there,

I would like to discuss this import - see wiki at

The import was partially started for purposes of testing (with better
or worse results) in the area of Czech Republic. So far I used
following acccounts for it:

Basically - I have learnt a lot from this first import attempts... had
some problems with technical part mainly - now the plan is to use JOSM
with few thousands nodes only and very small parts of data settings,
which worked the best in my tests.

All imput data was simplified in JOSM with simplify-way.max-error=1.

Regarding the value of imported data - will depend on location most
likely, but for most of Europe protected areas are rather poorly
mapped I think and this should hepl a lot. As for CZE - we basically
had very few mapping-data of this kind before the import...

Tagging is a subject to further review. The plan is to wait some weeks
after redaction before bigger chunks of data should be imported.

The biggest problem I face now is not knowing what data from the
potential import might be already present in OSM in other European
countries... did not do a lot of research outside CZE yet...

This dataset is hude and I dont intend a full-blown Europe-wide mass
import, but rather local imports after current state-of-map
research... everyone is welcome to help.

Feel free to edit or discuss the wiki. Comments welcome.


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