[Imports] UVM-SAL Buildings

William Morris wboykinm at geosprocket.com
Fri Jun 1 02:25:59 BST 2012

Howdy Folks,

Trying this again, after a hiatus, here is a sample of a few hundred
buildings from a UVM-SAL land use classification. In this case it's
for an area just west of D.C. in Montgomery County, MD. I offer it for
your consideration before I pull the import trigger:


Some steps I've taken to make it community-friendly include:

- Removed all buildings that intersected existing OSM features

- Removed all buildings smaller than 5000 square meters in area, since
those residential structures weren't being very well-detected anyway

- I hopehopehopehope the footprints survived their trip from QGIS
through ogr2osm to JOSM (If there's anything wrong with the tags
please let me know so I can solidify the process)

Thanks again to Andrew Guertin for adapting ogr2osm so perfectly.
Python has never been so easy.

-Bill Morris (vtcraghead)
Burlington, VT

William Morris
wboykinm at geosprocket.com
Twitter: @vtcraghead

GeoSprocket LLC, Burlington VT

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