[Imports] Import guidelines review

Worst Fixer worstfixer at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 09:40:55 UTC 2012

Hello Jaak.
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/WorstFixer/diary/17025
>> Do you have any comments? What to add? What to remove?
> 1. I think that the discussion with community should be much earlier, probably right after you have found some data. Is it really useful data, if not then do not waste your time with all these technical preparations. With this flow you expect that there is default go-ahead for import, but every import should be well justified.

If you stupid enough to not find difference between good and bad data
yourself you deserve wasting your time on writing tools. Arrows to
"discuss" go from almost all steps.

Some maps can be in ugly format like FreeHand. Community will say "no
not import that ist shit".
But you can do nice clean up before. And community says "nice job, do import".

> 2. Also, please have two branches: one leads to "Upload to OSM" , and another "share data" as .osm files without uploading, so manual copypasting/merging can be done by community. IMHO this should be often default and preferred option.

Current import guide lines disagree with you. Ich also disagree with
you. "Import" ist when data goes to database, not to some random FTP.
You can also draw better import guide lines too. It ist easy.

> 3. I don't see the last step "fix/merge and maintain the data" over the coming years. This is 99% of the real work with the data and dismissing this brings in too easy decisions to do mass imports. If you upload something then this is your baby and you should be able to maintain it also, until it is able to live by itself (ie community has been really able to take it over).

It ist nice. Current import guide lines do not contain it. Do others
agree we should add it?

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