[Imports] Import guidelines review

Worst Fixer worstfixer at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 13:17:21 UTC 2012

Hello Pieren,

> And constantly refering to "contacting the
> community" is simply a joke because the mailing lists, forums and
> mapping parties are just a little fraction of the contributors and I'm
> still looking for a mean to contact the "community". Or the word has
> to be replaced by the "5 loudmouths speaking on behalf of the
> community".

"Contact the community" is reason for ban in OpenStreetMap. I can not
treat it as a joke.
I am still under threat of permanent ban if Ich upload something
without prior discussion on talk at .
If it is wrong way to contact community, good way must be found.

> Your diagram will not help much but a little picture doesn't hurt,
> excepted the sequence which is wrong as mentionned several times on
> the diary. The license is really the first point to check.

I will move it. Just a bit later, to collect more ideas how to improve.

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