[Imports] Import guidelines review

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Thu Jun 7 01:59:08 UTC 2012

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> From: Steve Singer [mailto:steve at ssinger.info]
> Subject: Re: [Imports] Import guidelines review
> Often we have situations like
> 1. Person emails @imports saying that they have really cool data and
> want to import it.
> 2. People reply with 'don't do it because of X', or ask 'how are you
> dealing with Y'
> 3. The person imports anyway.
> This person discussed the import with the community but they still
> shouldn't have gone forward with it.  If we are updating the guidelines
> they need to be updated to address this.

If you encounter people doing this and want help or would feel more
comfortable if someone else dealt with it, send info to
data at osmfoundation.org. Include some changeset IDs and the username that the
import happened from and any other information you have. As a general rule
it is much easier to deal with any cleanup necessary sooner rather than

My view is that posting a comment to imports@ and ignoring the follow-up
doesn't count as consultation.

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