[Imports] Spanish Cadastre ELEMTEX

Jaime Crespo jynus at jynus.com
Thu Jun 7 08:47:35 UTC 2012

2012/6/7 Paul Norman <penorman at mac.com>:

> If you find a good solution for this problem, please document it and let
> everyone know as it is a big problem with imports done by multiple people
> who may have varying standards.

This is just an idea, but the other day, a technical solution with of
a JOSM plugin + private API server for for distributed editing
[corrections] before final upload to OSM was sketched with some
colleges. Please note that I am not part of the original conversion
tool, either.

Basically, raw exports of converted data would be first imported into
a read-only private server (only for importing purposes and limited to
Spain). Secondly, through the plugin, any user could download to
his/her client a small, a consistent and small area on a different
layer. The OSM and import layers would be then merged on a manual
basis. Then, user would be able to upload to OSM server as usual. It
is a huge amount of work, but quality control could be done both at
the server (private one) and client side (JOSM plugin) and it would
avoid automatic and large imports, and manage user accounts correctly.
It could also avoid duplicate content as it may mark uploaded objects
as such.

We recently got some hardware to make this possible, and even got the
server side software stack installed but I lack myself of enough time
to program all the other stuff.

What do you think? It is worth the effort? Could the plugin be reused
somewhere else?
Jaime Crespo

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