[Imports] Boundary of Tonga

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue May 15 14:50:50 UTC 2012


    I noticed that of all 193 UN member states, there's only one for 
which we don't have international borders in our database (instead, a 
node tagged place=country). That country is Tonga in the South Pacific.

I have taken our existing Tonga coastline and computed a 12nm buffer 
around that (after having read on the CIA world factbook that they have 
a 12nm territorial waters claim), and prepared the following file with a 
boundary relation that we could use to replace the country node:


I'm not 100% sure if my reasoning is correct; there is the case of the 
Minerva reef which lies about 200km to the SW of Tonga and I read that 
Tonga lays claim to that - but, as far as I understand, only EEC claim 
and not territorial, so I guess it is correct to not include it in the 
country boundary.

I'm not normally in favour of doing imports but seeing that Tonga is 
really the "odd one out" in the list of countries, maybe it is worth the 
effort to fix that.


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