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> I've been putting this one off for a while, because of the magnitude of
> the dataset. I am importing Baltimore city building footprint data one
> neighborhood at a time. Running an intersect of this layer against the
> neighborhood layer breaks it down into bite size chunks that are easier to
> work with. I've gotten the necessary permission from the city, and talked
> about it with local users at the editathon, as well as over email or in
> person.

I'm currently working with a group in Seattle importing both addresses and
building outlines. As Richard suggest, I strongly encourage you to do
addresses and outlines at the same time. It is fairly trivial to import
outlines to neighborhoods with only streets and a few poi's, but when you
have an area with existing buildings, it becomes more difficult.

The process we used is outlined in wiki.openstreetmap/wiki/Seattle_Import.
We are using the import to help us build and active mapping community.

Some notes about addresses and polygons. As a group we decided that if the
outline contained only one address, we would tag the outline with the
address. If the outline contained multiple addresses we would leave the
address nodes as individual nodes, unless we had knowledge of the
building's address.  You should be able to create shapefiles from addressed
and outlines tables with postgis.

One other item, I think you figured it out, but when coping multipolygons
from one layer to another, the relation doesn't copy. You need to copy it
separately. If you forget, your JOSM validation check will catch the

Don't forget to add your import to the wiki Import Catalogue


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