[Imports] Proposed small import of UTA bus stops

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Mon Apr 22 02:54:00 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I posted the message below to talk-us and imports-us earlier, but after 
reviewing the import guidelines I thought it appropriate to also post here.

It was pointed out to me that I have not followed all the suggested 
steps outlined on the import guidelines page. Let me just add that I 
don't intend to go forward with this until I have performed all the 
steps deemed appropriate for a data import. This is the first time I am 
attempting an import and I fully intend to get it right. Even if that 
means that the import won't happen.

It was also pointed out to me that it is not clear under what license 
the original data is being released. While I got verbal confirmation 
that I can do 'anything I please' with this data, I will seek written 
confirmation that the data is released under terms that agree with ODbL.

More feedback that I have already received:
* is_in is considered deprecated, I will likely drop these tags.
* Some find/replace operations were too greedy ('Salt Lake is_in:city').
* use the modern public transport tagging scheme in addition to bus_stop.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Martijn van Exel


Hi all,

During the edit-a-thon today I finally got around to working on 
preparing a relatively small import of bus stop point data for the UTA 
service area (comprising a half dozen counties along the Utah Wasatch 
Front). There are ~6450 bus stops in the data I got from my contact at 
UTA. This data is being released to the public through the Utah GIS data 
portal [1], but the data I got directly from UTA is more recent (Dec 2012).

Data processing consisted of removing empty and irrelevant fields, and 
sanitizing the fields that are relevant. I kept:
COUNTY --> is_in:county
CITY --> is_in:city
ACCESS --> wheelchair = yes|limited|no
BENCH --> bench = yes|no
LOCATIONID --> uta:stop_id

I checked the existing bus stop data and there are 92 existing nodes. I 
have saved these as an OSM file and intend to manually conflate these 
after the fact. This will mean most existing bus stop nodes will be 
removed, I spot checked a dozen and so far did not find a any added 
value. There are a few non-UTA stops (Airport parking lot shuttle stops 
etc) that will be retained.

The source data I received can be found here: 

The processed data can be found in OSM XML format here: 

Future updates will be handled using the persistent uta:stop_id. A new 
stops file is released around once a year.

Light rail stops are captured in a separate dataset that I do not intend 
to  import, as these stops and stations are mostly already captured in 
greater detail in OSM.

I am running this by all of you because I have not really done any 
external data imports before. This is a relatively small one, but I 
would like your opinion on the following:

* Is this data import properly prepared?
* If not, which steps should I revisit / add and how?
* Do you recommend using a separate account for uploading the external data?

Looking forward to your feedback.

[1] http://gis.utah.gov/data/sgid-transportation/transit/
Martijn van Exel

Martijn van Exel

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