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Bruno Remy bremy.qc.ca at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 16:24:14 UTC 2013

And what about this *lovely* letter? can you develop this a bit, plz?
Questions of licences and opendata are more and more important imho ...
because we can't walking side-by-side in opendata direction, without
looking our neighbours and working and-by-and.
This way of "silos" (when everyone is just looking at it's own data' it's a
We all have to work together in direction if "crowdsourcing" indeed....
I personaly sues (boring) about having in my hands so much opendata and
contrain to "not to do nothing with 'em" because of licences considerations
Those last monthes/years, gouv. & municipalities made best efforts to
release opendata... and what we do is just negative arg 'bout them...
instead of congratulations...

Once again.... do you really thing that volonteers mappers can hand-drawing
things like administrative boundaries with their mouses on JOSM or Potlach?
Definitively *not*.
So... we *need* those data that are available online.

So... what are we doing?
What may be doing?
What should be doing?

For instance a "press-release" or declaration, that claims our vision of
odbl licence and inquires gouvts. to use those type of licence and/or
rewrite their own to adapt them to odbl?
Or maybe a template of letter that every single OSM local community(group)
could send to their local adminitrative representants?
Or What?

This or this or ...whatever.... anyway let's do something but don't stay
doing «nothing but small nodes/ways adjustments)....

best regards

(sorry for my bad english...)

Bruno Remy
Le 2013-04-16 11:48, "Richard Weait" <richard at weait.com> a écrit :

> On Tue, Apr 16, 2013 at 12:46 AM, Glen Barnes <barnaclebarnes at mac.com>wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> Have you approached them to discuss the licenses?
> Got a lovely form letter back after a week or so.
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