[Imports] Japanese KSJ2 data re-import (to fill up some erased)

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Aug 2 08:26:31 UTC 2013

A few comments


The technical side looks reasonable (not overnoded, etc)


I'd probably drop the source_ref tag


What's the note:ja tag say, and why not just note?


But, the big issue I see is the accuracy is bad.


A few random examples


-          natural=wood over fields: lat=34.06263&lon=134.05145

-          250m - 500m misalignment between a golf course and the hole in
the data: lat=34.03908&lon=134.18371

-          This is a few trees by the side of a road in the middle of a
city, not a wood: lat=34.04618&lon=134.58209

-          The shape of the unwooded area doesn't resemble the data:


From: Satoshi IIDA [mailto:nyampire at gmail.com] 
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Subject: [Imports] Japanese KSJ2 data re-import (to fill up some erased)


Hi, list.

We Japanese start making fill up some OSM undereducated import data. (wow!
it is 1 year ago!)
Our main targets are KSJ2 data.
Detailed information are on wiki page.


And situations are a bit changed, since first import.
* attribution mark are changed.
** old: add "source information" to EVERY data, even on every NODE. (from
data source licensing restriction)
** new: add "source information" to way, or relation. details on OSM wiki.
(we made consensus with the licencer)

My first attempt is vanished Forest Data.
Those data size are ...

$ ls -la
[snip]   39309962  7 24 01:05 a001300020120307.osm
[snip]   17931444  7 24 01:04 a001310020120307.osm
[snip]  114746548  7 24 01:11 a001330020120307.osm
[snip]    7134953  7 24 01:11 a001360020120307.osm
[snip]    9402438  7 24 01:12 a001370020120307.osm
[snip]   19781512  7 24 01:14 a001410020120307.osm
[snip]   90499434  7 24 01:16 a001440020120307.osm
[snip]   81436450  7 24 01:17 a001460020120307.osm
[snip]   46156811  7 24 01:19 a001470020120307.osm

They are converted from shape file with ogr2osm.

And fixed Huge multipolygon problem.
* I cut them up by mesh polygon.
* sample: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8nap6umdwexg9b/a001360020120307.osm

All comments will be appreciated.


Satoshi IIDA
mail: nyampire at gmail.com
twitter: @nyampire 

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