[Imports] TIGER realignment import

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 23:23:19 UTC 2013

When it is a question of replacing unmodifed tiger data with other tiger
data of newer/better quality, I can hardly see how local people doing the
import is going to have better results.  Not only will it be difficult to
find local people (since the reason this is being done is there are areas
without active local mappers), doing it via a single account has other
advantages, like being able to track unmodified tiger data in the future.
Also, for a whole county at a time, even a local mapper is going to use the
same tools to check for validity (aerial imagery, etc) that a remote mapper
would.  I don't know my whole county well enough to go through and check an
import like this any better than a remote mapper would.

Currently a lot of the tools check based on username + version to determine
if a tiger way is unmodified.  If we farm out this import work to lots of
different accounts (some of which may even just be normal user accounts)
then this becomes more difficult to do.  So I would say check that the
import is not going to break things, but then do it with a single account.

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