[Imports] TIGER realignment import

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 11:11:57 UTC 2013

As Paul said, I spent some time last night working with some of the
files for places I knew.

I think it's really incredible work you've done Eric, especially in
that not only is the data newer (which has been proposed before) but
instead of wiping away the existing ways, you've managed to move the
nodes around- which is great.

What strikes me is the contrast in size of the files. About a third of
the files are of "manageable size" for manual review. NY, NY, for
example, consisted of just a few traffic signals, and a couple of
street alignments.

But even looking at a county in NJ, it's hard to do any serious
review, because if you open an osc file in josm, you'll want to look
at the parent objects too, and when I tried that (File->Download
parent ways/relations), it ran for 15 minutes, and then I stopped it.
That was one of the smaller osc files...

So we need some other method to do serious review, such as the use of
a tile set as proposed last night.

But, from what I saw, the data looked better. It wasn't perfect (I
could see changes I'd make immediately to the data) but it was
certainly in line with "Do no harm" in the sense that this is the data
that is considered newer, and it's what the TIGER import would have
looked like had it been done in 2011.

As for uploading, let's talk off list, since I have a bunch of ideas about this.

I'm also really enjoying the discussion raised here about how we can
do better reviews in general, and also if there are ways we can move
these imports into the hands of the community members.

- Serge

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