[Imports] [Imports-us] Automated Edit Proposal, remove area=yes, and fix broken source tag in US Massachusetts

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Aug 13 13:02:10 UTC 2013

I am inclined to say you should go ahead with this.   It is incremental
progress and I don't see any harm.

The only arguments I can think of against them are the

  changesets that don't fix serious problems take resources
  - I don't think this sort of change will stress anything

  per-object source tags are now bad practice
  - true, but the old import had them, and it's wrong.  So I think it's
    better to fix them.  An alternative would be to drop the source tag
    in this edit and put the metadata only in the changeset tag, adding
    a note that the source in the changeset applies to version 1 also.

  Making changes to imported data makes later edits harder
  - This changeset has bot=yes, and the number of large automated
    changes are small.  So if one is trying to write a "has this object
    been touched by a human since it was imported" predicate to avoid
    updating human-edited objects, it doesn't really make it much
    harder.  And the address import should still add addresses if
    someone fixed the geometry; the point is to respect hand mapper's
    work, not to competely refrain from touching edited objects.

  Wait until importing addressing data
  - It's not clear when/if that will happen (presuambly licensing will
    be ok, but there have been some hints that it might not be).   In
    general I think it's better to do separate things separately, both
    from the "clean changeset" notion in revision control and to avoid
    turning something simple into a project that's too big to

(For what it's worth I consider myself a local in the area of the
2008/2009 building import, working in one of those buildings and having
friends and relatives in others.  So not really relevant to the cleanup,
but the data is of high quality - the only things I've wanted to fix are
buildings that have been torn down since the import and a bit of new

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