[Imports] Convenience stores position data in Japan provided by Lawson

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Mon Aug 19 07:19:42 UTC 2013

It's hard for me to comment on too much because of the language issues, but
I have these initial comments on tagging


-          addr:full is for where the address can't be represented through
other tags. The example addr:full you gave contained Tokyo, which really
belongs in addr:city

-          end_date doesn't make much sense unless you know a shop will be
closing on a particular date. 

-          Why both source and source_ref? The value of source tags is
debated, if you wanted to link to the wiki page you could do so on the
changeset comments

-          There is no listed license


From: Taichi Furuhashi [mailto:taichi at osmf.jp] 
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Subject: [Imports] Convenience stores position data in Japan provided by



I'm a mapconcierge, a vice-president of OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan.
The Lawson - a big convenience store company in Japan, contribute to
They provide shops position data to OSM.


- We are discussing about "how to import?", after that, we will import in
test study area. Mainly, tsunami-affected area in Japan. 
- Import OSM-Account is "lawson_import"
- There are about 10K POI data.
- Target area is only Japan. (They has many shops in asia)
- We will merge existing data to Import data by manual.
- Shop position data generate by GPS. They don't use Geocoding.

- More detailed information is here. (OSM wiki)
  -> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Lawson_hackathon_2013

Happy Mapping! :-)


from mapconcierge (Taichi)

## Taichi FURUHASHI(MAPconcierge Inc. President)
## MAPconcierge satellite office at http://goo.gl/VgWD6 in NOMAD NEW'SBASE
## Vice-President of OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan with sinsai.info
<http://sinsai.info/>  project
## Director of the OSGeo Foundation Japan
## Researcher of the center for spatial info. science, univ.of Tokyo
## TEL/Skype&Twitter&LI&FB: 070-6401-5963 / http://about.me/mapconcierge
## URL/Mail: http://www.mapconcierge.jp <http://www.mapconcierge.jp/>
taichi at mapconcierge.jp
## GPS/GigaPan/UAV Shop: http://gpsconcierge.jp <http://gpsconcierge.jp/>  

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