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Fyi, I've been corresponding a little with Upande off thread, I know them from my time in Kenya. I've had much the same questions and feedback. Glad to see we're all trying to help. Innocensia, we're simply going to need more information, in the right ways, to help you out. Perhaps some of us can join you for a Skype chat sometime soon, to talk through this.

Here's a bit of my feedback...

Can you explain more on the wiki page you created (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Enugu_State_Routing_Project) how specifically the data was collected? How it was processed into a GIS? What process you used to transform and upload into OSM?

From a quick look at your changesets myself, there is definitely an issue in the tags.

You should as much as possible map the columns you are using in the GIS to OSM tags. Anything which doesn't fit OSM tags should go in its own namespace. For instance,_ROAD_NAME_ = Abakaliki Road/Nigandi Avenue

 should be "name=Abakaliki Road/Nigandi Avenue"  (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Name)

The only thing you might consider bringing in within its own namespace is the objectid, but only if you think you might re-import/conflate later on. What's the long term plan for managing this Enugu data?

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>I think I speak for many of us when we say that we want to help you,
>but are very confused.
>Your previous import changeset had >600 ways. What is this one road?
>And why is this single way object inside a relation?
>Is this part of a new import attempt of the same data, or new data? Do
>you have a wiki page describing your import attempt?
>I think we all have the same goal of wanting better OSM data in
>Nigeria, but to work together, we have to be on the same page.
>- Serge
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