[Imports] Data Imports

Jason Remillard remillard.jason at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 14:38:00 UTC 2013

Hi Innocensia,

I think before you proceed with the import, you need to learn more
about how normal mapping is done in OSM. For example, what tags are
used for roads (highway, surface, ref, name, ), how routes are
handled, relations, etc. It looks to me like you have not done any
normal mapping before. You really can't start working with OSM with
doing an import and expect it to go quickly.

When you are ready to start
 - Post a single file OSM with all of the proposed changes.
 - Post a link to it from the wiki and email us, asking for a review.
 - Write a sentence or two for each tag you are using in the wiki how
it mappes from the source data.
 - Tell us how you are going to deal with the existing road network
already in OSM

Basically, work through this template for you project Wiki.


Or, if this too much, post your shape files, and ask for help with the
import process.


On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 5:29 AM, Innocensia Achieng
<innocensia at upande.com> wrote:
> Find attached two roads in Enugu State namely: Nile Lake Road and Amuri Road
> they are in the osm file format. Bear with me am kinda new to this import
> business.

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