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Fri Aug 30 17:01:23 UTC 2013

Derek Kniffin <derek.kniffin at gmail.com> writes:

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> Date: Aug 30, 2013 8:18 AM
> Subject: FW: RTD's GIS Data in OpenStreetMap
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>  Derek,****
>> ** **
>> Please see http://www.rtd-denver.com/Developer.shtml****
>> ** **
>> If the intention is to provide a free service to the public, RTD’s Transit
>> Data ****
>> can be published on any interactive web map, similar to what others have
>> done.****

> Is this good enough, or should he be more explicit?
> -Derek

It's not good enough.  While many people might do that with OSM, they
might do many other things.  We need a clear grant of license that is
consistent with the Contributor Terms.   It would be good to have a list
of such approved license terms, but I'm having a hard time understanding
how anything other than PD is ok now.
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