[Imports] How to inform new reference data? (slightly off from imports)

Satoshi IIDA nyampire at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 08:21:24 UTC 2013

Hi, list.

Japanese local governments have started publishing their data under Open
License. (Mainly under CC-BY)

Most of them are very small CSV, or shape data, so it is not suite for
mechanical import.
But on the other hand, they are very nice "reference-able" resource to edit
We JP mappers consider them as powerful resource.

Please let me clarify some "How To".

* How to explain their data source. (not import)
I think the better way is followings.
Feel free to tell me your opinions.

 1. Write OSM wiki page about each "nice" data source.
    Explain their column, tagging and EPSG for each data on that page.
(surely includes the expression of source tag.)

  2. Add a link on [Potential Data Source] page.

    Maybe some need on [Contributors] page, too?

* for import.
If some huge data is published and we think it has value to import,
we'll ask for comments on this list, per data set. Of course.

I'm sorry if my post is not proper one to this ML.

Satoshi IIDA
mail: nyampire at gmail.com
twitter: @nyampire
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