[Imports] Vermont Town boundaries from VCGI

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Mon Dec 2 17:42:19 UTC 2013

On 08/08/2012 01:32 AM, Andrew Guertin wrote:
> The state of Vermont has boundaries in OSM for only a small fraction of
> its towns. I have received explicit permission from VCGI[1] to import
> their semi-authoritative and very well maintained boundary
> data[2]--which would otherwise be under too ambiguous of a license--into
> OSM.

This got dropped on the floor for over a year, but I finally got time to 
work on it this weekend.

My current progress is a file with all the towns, which you can view at 
http://www.uvm.edu/~aguertin/osm/vermont5.osm .

The shapefile from VCGI was converted with ogr2osm, and overlapping ways 
were split and converted to relations in JOSM (JOSM's validator made 
this much easier than I expected).

I currently have boundary=administrative on the relations representing 
each town, and nothing on the member ways. There doesn't seem to be 
complete consensus on whether member ways should also be marked 
boundary=administrative, with it being inconsistently applied in the 
areas of neighboring states I checked. I decided to not duplicate the 

Villages and county boundaries need to be added before it will be ready 
for upload, and a wiki page will still need to be created.

Any comments?


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