[Imports] Vermont Town boundaries from VCGI

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Mon Dec 2 22:01:32 UTC 2013

On 12/02/2013 04:38 PM, Andrew Guertin wrote:
> For the Massachusetts boundary, there are differences on the order of
> 10m or less for most of the length. It looks like the eastern half is
> unsourced (or the source was lost in relation cleanups), and the western
> half came from Tiger. This surprises me, as I'd assumed it came from
> MassGIS. I trust VCGI more than Tiger, so I'd like to replace this
> boundary with VCGI data.

I just checked the MassGIS data. It matches neither VCGI nor Tiger, 
being sometimes closer to one, sometimes the other, sometimes apart when 
the others are close. Even the horizontal positions of nodes seems to 
have no relation between the three, except in cases of where a town 
boundary meets the state boundary.


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