[Imports] Building outlines/footprints in Strzelce-Drezdenko county

andrzej zaborowski balrogg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 15:38:17 UTC 2013


I was asked to help with the import of cadastral data for a few
municipalities in the Strzelce-Drezdenko county in Poland.  Here are
some details of this import, which is partly done already, but I'm
going to wait with further upload.


The data is in shapefile format which looks like a direct conversion
of the data internally (I belive) kept as a DXF by the antique
software GIS offices use, which means it's basically a vector drawing
rather than a geospatial database.  I believe SQ9NIT, the user who
imported the two initial municipalities, used grassgis tools to
convert the wall segments into closed shapes and sanitize them, and
added the following tags:

source=Starostwo Powiatowe Strzelce Krajeńskie

I have used the set of python scripts at
https://github.com/balrog-kun/ewmapa2osm to produce OSM data, which
relied on the line type attribute to set proper tags based on some
manuals published by the company who I believe made the original
software used by county geodesy service.  Specific tags are documented
in the python code, but basically it's building=* and
building:type:pl=*.  I used two source= values:

Starostwo Powiatowe Strzelce Krajeńskie, survey
Starostwo Powiatowe Strzelce Krajeńskie, raster

depending on whether the original data indicates a given outline was
surveyed.  Building height and usage information is unfortunately not
in the shapefiles I got for that particular county, must have been
filtered out.  I have already imported data for three of the
municipalities using the account balrog-kun-imports with one chunk
mistakenly uploaded from my normal account.  Conflation with existing
building data was manual, most of which data was authored by the same
user who asked for help with the import.  Conflation with existing
address nodes was done using the python scripts at
https://github.com/balrog-kun/osm-addr-tools.  There's one
municipality that is almost completely traced from imagery which I'm
not going to work on, possibly except buildings that are automatically
deterined to not intersect with any existing buildings.  There's data
for one more municipality that I'd like to import.  It contains 4000
closed shapes.

I have simplified the shapes (similarly to JOSM's simplify-way tool)
but I imagine the density of nodes may still worry some of you.  I
believe it is similar to the French cadastre.  You can look at some of
the data around http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/250886166.  Let me
know if you find any issues with the data.

Background and legal:

The fire service in various parts of Poland has much success talking
to local administration about providing data for use in OpenStreetMap.
 In the Strzelce-Drezdenko county user daroKPPSP from the local
brigade obtained building outlines data (in some cases footprints) for
the eight municipalities of that county, specifically for use in OSM.
A long time mapper and also a fire fighter SQ9NIT imported two of
these municipalities some time ago.


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