[Imports] NLS.fi road import phase1 plan (final call!)

Ilpo Järvinen ilpo.jarvinen at helsinki.fi
Tue Dec 17 21:08:16 UTC 2013

Hi all,

As promised, I'm now informing you that our coordination tool for NLS.fi
road import phase1 is also auto-updating and auto-validating. No data
(.osm) changes have been made to the substance, but some tags were added
to the changeset tag list because I felt that they may be useful for
somebody in future (source:date=*, import=yes).

The toolset to calculate the subnets is available from here:
...the new bits are in the update/ dir.

We've also acquired the permission from LWG to add the attribution to the
/copyright page.

...So this is now FINAL CALL!

The plan for the import is available at:
The intented workflow is presented here:

Unfortunately the NLS.fi orthoimagery coverage issue is still not solved
but that shouldn't prevent us starting from the areas which are under
existing coverage (around 2/3 of the NLS.fi provided coverage is there
with the current TMS provider). We'll try to extend it to the near full 
coverageas soon as possible to allow working on all areas.

Feel free to explore the subnets and data through the coordination tool.
However, there should be no changes to the data since the last email to
imports@ (sans the non-cable ferry removal which I already mentioned back
then which required recalculation for the subnets). The coordination tool 
UI is bit different from that of traditional OSMTM some may be used to 
because I added selecting before taking a task but otherwise it should be 
rather straighforward to use. The tool is available at:


The tool should have up-to-date state (around 8h latency currently due
to quite expensive union computations which will get better once we
start to get more and more data into osm and less on the todo lists of 
the algorithm). Please let me know if you find something highly suspicious 
or problems in the data (note though that the auto-validator won't
differentiate the user drawn data from exactly matching NLS.fi
originating data, it's enough that the subnet is covered using
the 40m buffer for any reason, and therefore there are plenty of 
"validated" subnets already because people are mapping by other
means! :-)).


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