[Imports] Tenerife Bus Transport Import

Javier Sánchez javiersanp at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 23:29:27 UTC 2013


This is a request for discussion of the project to import a dataset of
about three thousands bus stops in Tenerife Island, Spain. Please review
this wiki page:


In short:

* The owner of the data has granted permission to use their data under the
ODbL terms.
* Four local mappers are involved in the project.
* Data are transformed from GTFS format to OSM XML with GO_Sync.
* Conflation is a big concern due to a medium density of actual mapped bus
stops, but lacking ref and name tags in most cases. The approach adopted to
resolve the conflicts is human revision with GO_Sync tool.
* Double checking it is planned for QA.
* The resulting OSM file will have around 1,3 MB and will be uploaded with
* The dedicated user account is titsa-import.
* This is a first phase (bus stops). The routes import is under development.

Regards, Javier Sanchez
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