[Imports] [HOT] Central African Republic import of WRI data

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Mon Jul 1 05:24:11 UTC 2013


The nodes are re-used by the 'replace geometry' tool.  So what it does is
when you select the two ways and run the tool it takes the old way and
tries to 'move' as many of the old nodes (with their ID numbers in the DB)
to the positions you chose for your new way, as well as copying over the
way ID to your new way (which just has a negative "placeholder" id, until
you actually push it to the server in a changeset).

It is kind of "cheating" in a way since you are kind of abusing the copying
of the ID numbers, but there is a bunch of internal logic in the plugin to
prevent this ID copying from causing any problems.

I use the tool all the time to replace crappy TIGER data in the US and it
works brilliantly.  It is much faster to trace a new way by hand then to
manually move each node to the new position (even with tool like
improve-way-accuracy this is still slower).

More detailed instructions are on the utiilsplugin wiki page here:


If you are interested in the details I can explain them to you on Skype via
voice chat, but it is too much to type out here.  Suffice it to say, it
"does what it says on the tin" and works quite efficiently so I definitely
recommend its use.  :)

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