[Imports] Charging Stations in Italy

David Riccitelli david at insideout.io
Tue Jul 9 12:50:08 UTC 2013


We would like to import the charging stations located in Italy:


- The data is CC-BY-3.0
- An automated import will periodically update the data
- The import will not overwrite the coordinates of nodes if those have been
changed on OSM
- Data comes from the official source
- It's about 230 charging stations
- They're relevant to the Italian territory, therefore translations of
stations* have been added to Nominatim (
- A preliminary discussion and changes have been already discussed and
applied via the *talk-it* mailing list,
- Changesets will have the source and url:en tags set.

Please see the wiki page for details. If anybody has
any issues/problems/objections, would like us to do something different, or
would like to help, please comment!


David Riccitelli

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