[Imports] Charging Stations in Italy

Michal Palenik michal.palenik at freemap.sk
Wed Jul 10 12:51:23 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jul 09, 2013 at 05:18:20PM +0300, David Riccitelli wrote:
> > - Why not use access=*, instead of car=yes
> > > We're using car=yes as specified following the guidelines
> > > published here:
> > > > http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Charging_station#The_different_vehicles_that_can_be_charged

this wiki page looks very good to me, definetely worth using.
argument that "nobody is using this tag" would result in a classic
chicken-egg problem and thus is invalid.

> > > - The data is CC-BY-3.0

is CC-BY ODbL and CT compatible?
or is there a list of (oneway) compatible licences?


michal palenik

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