[Imports] Norwegian place name registry (SSR)

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri Jul 12 07:40:16 UTC 2013

[A short reply because of time issues]

> From: Thomas Hirsch [mailto:Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no] 
> Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2013 11:45 PM
> Subject: [Imports] Norwegian place name registry (SSR)
> We are in process of finalizing the import plan, and are at a point 
> where we would love to get some input.
> Summary:
> - CC-BY 3.0 no, attribution "Kartverket", explicit permission also
> - Manual import using conflation tools. Id tags allow for automatic 
>   tracking/updates afterwards.
> - ca. 900.000 place names, all over Norway
> - Names will be conflated with existing elements where possible, 
>   overwriting existing names with the official and registered alternate 
>   spellings

This is a huge issue. If the data in the government database and the 
on-the-ground data differs, we should be tagging the on-the-ground data 
in name and name:*, with the official name in official_name.

> Tagging Plans:
> name=[main accepted and recommended name in SSR]
> alt_name=[second accepted and recommended name in SSR]
> source:name=Sentralt stadnamnregister, Kartverket 

If the name is modified, the source:name tag will become outdated and will 
not generally be updated or deleted. Experience with other imports shows 
that most mappers won't modify tags like source:name.

> no-kartverket-ssr:url=http://url-to-factsheet
> no-kartverket-ssr:objid=12345
> no-kartverket-ssr:date=2012-06-08

These tags should not be necessary

You mention a multitude of official languages and dialects, but you don't 
discuss the use of name:* tags. How are you planning to use them for 
multiple languages?



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