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2013/7/12 Thomas Hirsch <Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no>

> Spelling issues have a particular dimension in Norway, as dialects are
> encouraged. In a similar vein to street names above, a lake may take any of
> the suffixes -tjern, tjernet, tjønn, tjenn, tjønna, tjenna and possibly
> more, according to the mood and dialect of the sign maker, -et and -a being
> the definite article. These are *not* normalized in the place name
> register, but the most common spelling is chosen as official name by the
> local community (kommune).

in OSM we usually also try to capture alternative spellings (alt_name,
loc_name etc) and values in different languages and dialects (with

> It is a perfectly valid option to double- or triple-tag (name,
> official_name, name:lg), but that also adds inert mass to the database. The
> consensus is with Pieren here that the local people are the local
> communities that fix the official names.

yes, that is fine, but you can mostly assume that what is in the db is
already what locals had thought to be the best name, so overwriting this
with the values of a central database is not very osm style and should not
be done.

> The url provides source information to the name in a way that a mere
> attribution cannot. It is also in the spirit of LOD/linked geodata.
> The id tag will allow us to discern the places that are identified from
> others that just use similar names (e.g. the museum from the bus stop in
> front). Subsequent updates rely on this information.

usually we are discerning the bus stop from the museum by looking at
additional tags (e.g. tourism=museum vs. highway=bus_stop) of the object

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