[Imports] Norwegian place name registry (SSR)

Thomas Hirsch Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no
Fri Jul 12 09:18:26 UTC 2013

> in OSM we usually also try to capture alternative spellings (alt_name, loc_name etc) and values in different languages and dialects (with name:lang-code-tags)

The proposal includes a plan for alt_name tags. Unfortunately, only one of those is supported, while several may be listed just in the data set.
We are very open for constructive suggestions, what I presented is just the (my) summary of the ongoing discussion.

> yes, that is fine, but you can mostly assume that what is in the db is already what locals had thought to be the best name
> so overwriting this with the values of a central database is not very osm style and should not be done.

Naming is indeed a delicate issue. I think following established consensus is generally more in the spirit of OSM than first come first serve.
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