[Imports] Impact Of Imports On User Engagement : Sophie Kate Salway

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2013/7/12 Sophie Kate Salway <sophiekatesalway at hotmail.co.uk>

> Are you for or against data imports?
> What are the benefits and/or negatives of introducing imports into the OSM
> database?
> Do you think data imports engage the OSM user? If so, why?
> Do you think data imports affect the overall quality of OSM?
> With the introduction of the Amsterdam 2007 AND import and the TIGER
> import in the USA - is it more beneficial to import road networks?
> Do you think that OSM data imports change the role of the user? For
> example, do imports require the user to edit and correct data rather than
> collect their own new information to upload.

I think an import question is how the import is done. While in the past the
imported data was often simply copied over what was there (sometimes even
deleting before what was already mapped) today the data is often offered as
an additional source and mappers are asked to trace or copy single objects
by carefully merging the existent with the new data (ideally with local
knowledge so they can judge what info is the more reliable one in case of

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