[Imports] Norwegian place name registry (SSR)

Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at huftis.org
Fri Jul 12 19:40:16 UTC 2013

fr. den 12. 07. 2013 klokka 11.00 (-0400) skreiv Jaakko Helleranta.com:
>         The proposal includes a plan for alt_name tags. Unfortunately,
>         only one of those is supported, while several may be listed
>         just in the data set.
>         We are very open for constructive suggestions, what I
>         presented is just the (my) summary of the ongoing discussion.

> I haven't digged into this very much but I've noticed in practice that
> alt_name:*=* namespace is also supported in standard Nominatim search 
> Example: Searching Nominatim with Okap, Haiti returns: 
> http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/details.php?place_id=1071449
> where Okap is at alt_name:ht=.
> I haven't tried this with different alt_name languages -- and I don't
> think this is a documented tag. But it's great that it works as this
> practical case shows that there's a need for it.

OSM is not really suited for alternate names, due to the 
database-like structure (as opposed to an XML-like structure). 
If it’s possible/accepted, we would love to use tags like:


to capture more alternative names.

Names in different languages (for these data mostly the three Sami
languages used in parts of the Northern counties of Norway) will be
tagged with ‘name:langcode=’ and ‘alt_name:langcode=’ tags, again with a
maximum of two names. There are a (very) few objects that only have,
e.g., Northern Sami names, not Norwegian ones. These will be tagged with
these names in the ‘name’ and ‘alt_name’ tags. Otherwise, the Norwegian
names will be used for ‘name’ and ‘alt_name’.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
Jabber: karl at huftis.org

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