[Imports] Norwegian place name registry (SSR)

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Mon Jul 15 07:27:58 UTC 2013

Check out LINZ2OSM for another project that has a large number of datasets and a distributed (small at the moment) workforce.


The tool is open sourced and provides a nice way to export sections that people can work on and mark as done when they are finished. It also has a powerful tagging solution for complex source data. We don't do anything around updates to data yet.  
On 15/07/2013, at 6:16 PM, Thomas Hirsch <Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no> wrote:
> > - Just an FYI, we did a similar import in the US. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GNIS
> Thank you so much! I had been looking for how imports (and more importantly, continuous synchronization) are handled in similar cases. If I understand correctly, GNIS is not updated, or does the survey group just have no means to identify outdated names?
> If anyone has good examples for how continuous imports/geosynchronization are handled as opposed to one-time imports, I’d be very curious about that.
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