[Imports] Norwegian place name registry (SSR)

Thomas Hirsch Thomas.Hirsch at kartverket.no
Tue Jul 16 09:18:58 UTC 2013

Maproulette is an idea. What we were thinking to do is to split up the data by commune (district), so that local mappers can go in at any time and conflate features in their general surroundings. 

A fully automated import of, for example, mountain tops would be possible. Lakes already have the issue that many of the existing geometries are traced from Landsat, and shifted far from their original position - in addition, their shape will vary a lot, depending on the season. Often, the coordinates had no overlap with the Landsat trace, and if you add uncertainty you may hit the wrong of a group of lakes. 

But the scripts we have allow you to go through some features pretty quickly. For example there are a *lot* of named farms in Norway. The script checks the general area for a farm of similar name, and the exact location for a place=farm. If neither matches, it's one button to create the object, if the location matches, it's one button to conflate. 

Rivers (especially small streams in the forest) are actually one of the trickiest imports. Their name may change during their course, they may not be mapped or even mappable from aerial coverage, even their course may have changed on the coverage, and the dataset only provides a single set of coordinates.

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Another way of doing this import is to break it up by feature type.
For example, if the location data is very accurate (say < 15 meter uncertainty), then you can run a fully automated import of the lake names. For each lake name in the source database, see if we have a lake under it in OSM, if yes put your tags into it, else add a point feature with your tags. I am planning a similar import of just lake names in Massachusetts this fall. The code to do both imports would be 90% the same.

Then for the rivers, you could do a http://maproulette.org/

Perhaps, picking off specific features, you can get the manual conflation count down to something that you can grind through in a 6 months. You don't want to get half way through it and get sick of it, and stop.

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