[Imports] Import Our Survey Data into OSM REPLACING exiting OSM data

Patrick O. mrpatrickoswald at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 9 01:15:50 UTC 2013

dear all

we did some extended mapping surveys on the island of Lombok (Indonesia) to create tourism maps  and improve topographic maps for some extended areas of the Island. 
We have basically a rather detailed road network and points of interest dataset as well as some landuse.

We want to import those soon into OSM, staring with the area of the Gili Islands   (Gili Trawangan, Indonesia)
Since the existing data in OSM for that area is very limited we basically want to compare the existing OSM data with our dataset, include the features and attributes from the existing OSM dataset, that we do not have and than basically replace the existing OSM-Dataset with ours.
We created our dataset for Gili Island using JOSM.. so attributes and snapping is all fine.

Now my question... deleting a larger amount of existing OSM data usually triggers an event and someone might think we did some havok to the osm data and he/she might be tempted to restore the “deleted” OSM data... 
1. Is it ok, if we replace the OSM data as we plan?
2. how to prevent the osm community to restore the old data that we intent to replace?

looking for some comments and suggestions

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