[Imports] Tasmanian Parks

IanB porjo38 at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jun 19 22:05:44 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I wanted to give people a heads up about what I'm currently doing
and planning to do with a dataset containing national parks and
conservation areas within Tasmania, Australia.

I've setup a Wiki page with more info here:


I'd appreciate feedback from anyone on the list, particularly regarding
the mapping of tags from the original source to OSM (I've documented a
proposed mapping on the wiki page).

I do apologise for not jumping on the mailing list *before* I started
uploading data. Hopefully this hasn't caused anyone a problem. I will
refrain from any further uploads until I've given people a chance to 

A complete dump of all data I've uploaded so far can be gotten using
XAPI by searching for source="Tasmanian Reserve Estate Spatial Layer 2012"


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