[Imports] Tasmanian Parks

IanB porjo38 at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jun 23 20:03:43 UTC 2013

Thanks for the advice.

 > - Put your static tags on the change set.

Do you mean these should go *only* on the change set?

 > - I don't see any tags that actually identify the features being 

I'm not sure what you mean. The 'name' tag will identify them...but I 
guess you meant something else?

 > - You might need an area tag on some of these features?

Providing that all features are in multi-polygon relations, no area tag 
should be needed?


On 20/06/2013 12:28 AM, Jason Remillard wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> Thanks for posting to the list.
> - "Forest Reserve" does not seem to be an established value for protection_title
> - Definitely don't include DPIPWE:AREA_HA.
> Its not OSM policy, but I suggest that as a rule of thumb, that we
> should not be introducing data into OSM via an import that does not
> already have an established tagging system. If needed, the prefixed
> data, can be correlated back to the original source file by the name
> feature. Just because it is in the shape file does not mean we want it
> in OSM.
> - end_date=*, is not needed unless you have an actual end date.
> - Make sure start_data,source:date is really ISO formatted in source data.
> - Put your static tags on the change set.
> - I don't see any tags that actually identify the features being imported?
> Most importantly, you have a RES_CLASS table. Each one of those should
> be mapping to tags. For example,
> Conservation Area -> landuse=conservation (even through this tag is deprecated
> National Park -> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/National_park
> etc, etc,
> - You might need an area tag on some of these features?
> - Do we have any of these features already in OSM? If so, you need to
> deal with them, and not just import over them.
> - You should make a sample OSM file available to the list. There are
> all kind of issues that might pop up during the actual translation.
> - Have you used http://neis-one.org/2013/01/oooc/, to contact the
> local mappers, and get them involved?
> - The OSM file might be over the 50,000 element limit. You may need to
> break this up into smaller chunks.
> Don't be discouraged, imports are always a lot of work!
> Thanks
> Jason.
> On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 6:05 PM, IanB <porjo38 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I wanted to give people a heads up about what I'm currently doing
>> and planning to do with a dataset containing national parks and
>> conservation areas within Tasmania, Australia.
>> I've setup a Wiki page with more info here:
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tasmania_Parks_Import
>> I'd appreciate feedback from anyone on the list, particularly regarding
>> the mapping of tags from the original source to OSM (I've documented a
>> proposed mapping on the wiki page).
>> I do apologise for not jumping on the mailing list *before* I started
>> uploading data. Hopefully this hasn't caused anyone a problem. I will
>> refrain from any further uploads until I've given people a chance to
>> comment.
>> A complete dump of all data I've uploaded so far can be gotten using
>> XAPI by searching for source="Tasmanian Reserve Estate Spatial Layer 2012"
>> Ian.
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