[Imports] Fire Hydrants Friesland Import

Jürgen Witte juergen.witte at kuestenschmiede.de
Tue Jun 25 08:41:29 UTC 2013

Hi Bryce,


>>Any more suggestions anyone?


>Yes, one.  Consider framing this not as a one time import, but a periodic

>Does OOWV have any new hydrants that OSM does not yet have?  Has anything


>At the very least in the proposal give a count of the existing mapped
hydrants, if any, and your plan for them.


It’s already in the proposal in the Wiki, but it’s written in german, sorry.
OSM has exactly two hydrants now in the district Friesland. One of it is not
in the OOWV data (maybe a hydrant not served by OOWV, we are not sure), the
other one is, and this one is at the same position as the hydrant with the
same ID (ref) in the OOWV data. We want to delete this duplicate manually
this time. The OOWV data contains around 3200 hydrants.


In fact this import might be a start for a process which might lead to
periodically importing hydrant changes into OSM, probably in a wider area,
since OOWV serves some more districts. But since this is not sure right now,
we wanted to keep this first import simple. Is this ok for you and everyone


>And, in the future someone else can run the same script to find 

>unmapped or disused hydrants. I can help with code templates, and 

> <http://svn.openstreetmap.org/imports/> svn.openstreetmap.org/imports/ has
an archive/graveyard of import scripts.


Thanks for providing your assistance. I will sure come back to this if
needed in the future. When it comes to follow up imports, or to imports in
other OOWV districts with more data already in OSM we will sure have  to
synchronize data.


Bye, Jürgen



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