[Imports] Import data from ARD-Saint-Louis, Senegal

william skora skorasaurus at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 00:15:41 UTC 2013

Hi Augustin,

As someone who has worked with HOT and studied in St. Louis, Senegal, I am
excited to see this happen. I have a couple questions and suggestions:

- It's generally preferred to use a create a specific user name for imports
and not to use your own account.

a user name like 2013ARD_STL_IMPORTS for example, would be appropriate.

As I understand, it's not necessary to add the tag source=ARD_STL;CSE to
each way if you add the source=ARD_STL;CSE to the changeset.

For the *"communes" (type point)" -* As nodes*, *they do not need to have
admin_level=8 to them. I think just place=* , name=* would be sufficient.
Regarding the *
*shapefile "Limite_Communauté_Rurale"

*I am not sure if it necessary to add the tag boundary=administrative and
admin_level=8 to the member ways. I have seen boundaries where only the
relation has tags (for example
http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/219920348) but I also have seen
boundary=administrative tagged on the relation as well as the relation - as
described in
*which is listed as a reference in the SN tagging guide -
Most importantly,
If you could send a small example .osm that would consist of the data that
you wish to upload, I would greatly appreciate it and would be very helpful
to better understand the import.

These are just my interpretations of OSM community consensus and existing
practice, I hope to hear others' opinions and interpretations as well.

Will Skora
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