[Imports] [HOT] Central African Republic import of WRI data

Andrew Buck andrew.r.buck at gmail.com
Sun Jun 30 23:48:29 UTC 2013

In answer to your question on imports, I think the general consensus is
that tracing from bing and then copying attributes from this dataset would
not be considered an import, it is merely a second source of data used in
manual mapping.

One other thing to consider is the 'utilsplugin2' which has a 'replace
geometry' feature where you draw a new way manually and then select both
the old way with bad geometry and the newly draw way and press ctrl+shift+g
and the old way tags are copied to the new way, and the way id is copied
over as well, as well as re-using as many of the existing nodes as
possible.  This all preserves the history and minimizes database size.  In
this fasion it would be possible to import the data as is, and then easily
clean it up with replace geometry.  If there are not too many roads this
can go very quickly.  I would volunteer to re-trace a lot of data this way,
especially if I get one or two others to help.

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