[Imports] Import of public playgrounds in Bergen, Norway

Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at huftis.org
Fri Mar 15 21:54:31 UTC 2013

This information is also available at

I plan to import a list of public playgrounds in Bergen Municipality,
Norway. There are currently 146 playgrounds, listed in the CVS file at
You can find additional information (in Norwegian) at:

The data are available under the Norwegian Licence for Open Government
Data (NLOD): http://data.norge.no/nlod/en/1.0
It is my understanding that this is compatible with the OSM license, and
even includes an explicit licence compatibility clause for Open Data
Commons Attribution License (version 1.0) and Open Government Licence
(version 1.0).

I will use the following tags and tag mappings:


longitude & latitude → OSM coordinates
navn → name
id → no-bergen-playgrounds:id

The source URL will also be listed in the changelog.

This way of attributing the source has been approved by the contact
person listed at the above URL.

The data will be imported using the conflation plugin in JOSM, and all
objects will be manually conflated. Playgrounds not existing in OSM will
be added as nodes. If a playground node already exists, it will be
merged with the CSV data. When the positions differ, the CSV position
will normally be used (though I will use Bing to see if the OSM position
is better). If a playground exists as an area, the CSV data will be
added to the area.

This is a rather static dataset, but I will monitor it for changes, and
manually apply and updates.

Karl Ove Hufthammer
Jabber: karl at huftis.org

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