[Imports] Maa-amet import in Estonia (addresses and buildings with addresses)

SviMik svimik at mail.ru
Sat Mar 30 12:29:56 UTC 2013


We have got a good source for import: The Maa-amet gave permission to use their data in OSM!

This source have been available for the community since 2009, and there were extensive discussions on the local forums. Couple months ago I developed a set of tools which ease manual verification of the data after processing which was extensively discussed and very welcomed by the local community.
Neverhteless, I was pointed out that I am still missing a letter to imports@, and thus here it is.

Using their cadastre I have already imported address data for existing buildings, and now importing new bulding which was missing in OSM. With address data, of course.

So far I got:
(1) data holder approval
(2) local community approval
(3) separate account for import
(4) description on Wiki
and DWG is aware of my actions.

So, in brief:

* Import type: with full manual validation
* Source: Maa-amet WMS layer (2013) and address Database from 26.12.2012
* Status: In progress

* Validation tool: http://osm.svimik.com/btrace_verify.php
* Import account: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/SviMik_import
* Forum discussion: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=11750

* Special tags: source:addr=Maa-amet 2012, maaamet:ETAK=*, maaamet:orig_tunnus=*
* Maa-amet DB reference: It is possible to match the records by IDs maaamet:ETAK=* and maaamet:orig_tunnus=*

Manual validation:
This is NOT a blind mass-import. Each building is reviewed and confirmed manually.
So it should be a good, clean import.
Here is the screenshot of validation tool: http://svimik.com/osmbtraceverify.png

Recent import changesets:


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