[Imports] Belgium address import

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 13:50:29 UTC 2013


As someone who is overseeing a large import as well (though not as
large as all of Belgium), I have a number of questions:

1. What QA have you done on the data to see that it's both good and consistent?

Belgium is a large area and what we have found in the past is that
data may be great in one place, but very poor in another. How have you
checked your data?

2. What will you be conflating these addresses to?

Do you have building outlines for every building in Belgium?

If not, perhaps it might make more sense to simply include the data as
a secondary lookup source in a geocoder, such as is done with TIGER in
Nominatim now?

3. How will you track participants?

How will you know who did what part of the import? Is that something
your tool does?

4. How will you perform post-import QA?

The French building import, and the NYC building import have already
shown that data quality differs greatly between contributor, even if
the data quality of the upstream data is consistent and high quality.
How do you plan on maintaining high quality amongst your participants?

4. How will you maintain that users are obeying the rules regarding
separate import accounts?

There will be followup questions, but this is information I don't see
addressed in the import proposal.

- Serge

These issues are coming

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