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Jo winfixit at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 07:12:17 UTC 2013

I think most of the abbreviations found in the OSM data will be first names
which were written in abbreviated form on the street name tag signs. Those
are mostly expanded in the source data.

Regarding streets with same names. The most common case is a main street
which connects 2 cities which maintains its name from one village to the
next. When using associatedStreet relations, these would end up in a
separate relation for each postcode/village name combination. I hope these
are still clustered separately in the import data.

Can you elaborate on how JOSM filters would help for this import?

I can see  how MAPCSS could help if each address node from the import had a
created_by="CRAB import" to highlight them. When uploading, all those tags
will be dropped automatically by JOSM. But it's quite convenient to be able
to search for them to see whether more works needs to be done or to add
them to the todo plugin, for example.

Regarding multilingual names. There are villages in Belgium which have
'facilities' for French speaking 'immigrants' from the other side of the

For those I think they should be tagged as follows:

name:fr=Rue des Flamands

for lack of a way to indicate the name tag is in Dutch name:nl is needed,
unfortunately. We should not simply drop the French names though. At the
moment many of these streets have name=Vlamingenstraat - Rue des Flamands
or even name=Rue des Flamands - Vlamingenstraat in the OSM data (The way
it's done in Brussels).


2013/11/24 Jason Remillard <remillard.jason at gmail.com>

> Hi Kurt, Ben,
> > This is a good point.  I've already seen cases where we have the
> > full name currently in osm but the data we get contains some
> > abbreviatiated form.
> >
> > I'll try to look at it.  I currently find 970 street names with
> > a '.' in it.
> >
> You should probably go back to your local Belgium mappers and discuss
> the abbreviation table. It is definitely something that needs to be
> handled at the local level, and not on the global import list. Also,
> you will probably find some abbreviations in OSM when you attempt to
> match up the street names in the two data sources.
> Thanks
> Jason
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