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Randal Hale rjhale at northrivergeographic.com
Sun Nov 24 19:17:10 UTC 2013

What's the ultimate goal of address data - geocoding? Networking? 
Information for the sake of Information?

I'm all for having it - but there seems to be an unclear goal. To me 
it's more important to relate the address point to the street as opposed 
to the building though either a relation or a way (for networking). 
Right now we've got two types of info - a streetname and an addr:street 
(I think) - they should be the same (or at least I would want them the 


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On 11/24/2013 01:53 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi
> On 24.11.2013 19:26, Serge Wroclawski wrote:
>>> What's the benefit of tying the address to the structure? I've seen this
>>> spoken about quite a bit.
>> 3. Almost always, the points are either wrong or meaningless
> I'd like to second that.
> If there is a compelling reason to not tie the address to an existing
> structure, then so be it - e.g. keep an address node as
> building=entrance or something.
> If, however, the main reason for not wanting to make the link is "trying
> to make the link will show how bad the data really is, and just dumping
> address points into the database is good enough for geocoding anyway so
> why bother", then this is a clear argument for not importing the data at
> all, and keeping in a separate database instead - one that might, like
> TIGER address data, be loaded into the database user-side instead of
> OSM-side.
> Bye
> Frederik

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