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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Nov 24 19:53:26 UTC 2013


On 24.11.2013 20:17, Randal Hale wrote:
> What's the ultimate goal of address data - geocoding? Networking?
> Information for the sake of Information?

I am assuming that most people will want addresses for geocoding
(potentially as a precursor to routing):

"I want to go to 1234 Someroad, how far is that and which way do I have
to take?"

"I will be at 1234 Someroad later, where's the nearest Burrito from there?"

"I want to rent a property at 1234 Someroad, please generate a map of
the surroundings."


> I'm all for having it - but there seems to be an unclear goal. To me
> it's more important to relate the address point to the street as opposed
> to the building though either a relation or a way (for networking).

So that's a kind of special case you have in mind there - what you want
to know is where to stop your vehicle if you want to access 1234
Someroad. This might be different from the question of where the house is.

> Right now we've got two types of info - a streetname and an addr:street
> (I think) - they should be the same (or at least I would want them the
> same).

The "addr:street" on the house or address point relates to the postal
address; potentially the object is in an associatedStreet relation with
a street in which case it might not have got an addr:street tag. The
"name" tag on the street that comes closest to an object may or may not
be part of the object's postal address and therefore may or may not be
equal to the object's addr:street tag.


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