[Imports] NLS.fi import stage 1 plan (v2)

Ilpo Järvinen ilpo.jarvinen at helsinki.fi
Sun Nov 24 22:23:47 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I'm preparing a road import for Finland based on NLS of Finland (nls.fi)   
dataset. Since OSM is quite complete in many areas already and even 
significantly exceeds the quality of the NLS.fi dataset the import is 
meant to be selective. I.e., I've calculated isolated subnets in the road 
dataset that do not overlap significantly with existing OSM data, only   
those parts are to be imported in the phase 1. All subnets are supposed to
be manually reviewed and there's also some additional road classification 
that cannot be done solely based on NLS classification system. The tasks
will be divided by subnet granularity to mappers in Finnish OSM community. 

In general, the OSM community in Finland is quite excited about the
dataset. I received some positive and constructive feedback from there 
which has been useful to improve the toolset to calculate the subnets
in a more useful manner.

The import is coordinated using OSMTM based tool which deals with 
collision avoidance, bookkeeping and displays the result of some 
auto-validation happening during updating of the subnets. The 
auto-validation and updating of subnets based on data appearing in 
OSM yet to be implemented but neither seems hardly complicated task 
compared with what I've tackled so far (I'll mention it here once I get 
that part fully implemented, however, it should have implications only
on keeping track of progress, the data such remain exactly the same
even with that update/bookkeeping process in place).

Permit to add attribution to /copyright page is on the hands of LWG
and hopefully that is resolved eventually (NLS.fi dataset is expected to 
become large-scale contribution in Finland with much more than just road 
data in the end, so addition to /copyright page is as per import 
guidelines and it's what NLS.fi said to be satisfied with regards 

Please check the more detailed plan:
Preview about the coordination tool is running at:

The coordination tool shows the convex hulls of the subnets and provides
links to .osm files (allows talks directly to JOSM remotecontrol), which
you can use if you want to review the resulting subnets and the data in 
them (one caveat though, the exclusion of non-cable ferries is too new 
addition to yet affect the subnets but this is to be dealt with in the 
near future). The OSM data against which the NLS.fi dataset was compared 
is few days old now, so don't be surprised if you find one or two subnets
that are already added through normal mapping while we speak (I managed
to find two of such just today which turned out to be non-bugs because 
of very recent manual drawing by somebody). Once I get hourly updates
working, these problems will vanish (or at least the latency is cut to 
hardly noticable level).

I've written step by step guide for the process for a mapper participating
in this import which also tries to highlight the importance of eyes 
visiting all around Finland viewing not only the data to be imported but 
surroundings too and I hope that also pays of as fixes also to the 
existing data in the regions surrounding the subnets itself. The workflow 
doc is available at:


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