[Imports] Help us address issues with the NYC Import

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 19:51:29 UTC 2013

Hi all,

As Alex mentioned, we had a test of our import this weekend.

The event went great, with 22 people coming to help import.

Before the event began, Alex gave a great walkthrough. In addition, we
had written instructions on the tasking manager:


And I made a series of videos:


Yet, despite all this instruction, we had a lot of errors in the data,
even from extremely experienced mappers.

We could really use your help in coming up with solutions to these problems!

Here are the issues I found:

1. Users leaving T-interesection issues (found in the josm validator,
solveable by "Add nodes at intersections", but not all done)

2. Users leaving crossing buildings, where a node sits on the line of
another way (found in the josm validator)

3. Users leaving ways which are close, but do not touch

4. People tagging building information (building type, etc) on address nodes

6. Hyphen addresses have padded numbers (I think I fixed this)

7. Buildings from previous work not conflated

8. Multipolygons not being copied right (I think this is solved with
merge layer, vs c&p, but any other ideas would be appreciated)

9. People missing that roads are running through buildings

I've spent nearly 2 days fixing these errors, from just a few hours of
importing, so I think we're pretty stuck until we can find a
resolution for these issues.

- Serge

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